Boost Hydration

Boost Hydration SpringSEO Client - Boost Hydration Website Previewis a hydration wellness clinic that provides IV hydration therapies and boost shots. Their therapies deliver  formulated solutions of hydration, nutrients, and electrolytes in 30 minutes or less. Their highly trained medical staff evaluate each patient’s situation and explains the applicable IV therapies or Boost Shots to treat their condition. IV infusions and injections are a safe, effective way to revive, replenish and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Boost Hydration presented a number of interesting challenges. They were a new startup medical clinic providing a service that was not in wide consumer knowledge. They needed an inexpensive and cost-effective way to allow potential clients to learn about their service and engage them to become customers. Yet the service being relatively unknown traditional SEO and AdWords wouldn’t prove very useful in the short-term as people weren’t searching for the types of services provided. They did however have a strong and loyal following that happily talked about and shared their experiences at Boost Hydration.

SpringSEO recognized that this scenario presented very well for a well targeted social media campaign. Business accounts were setup on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Yelp to leverage the already loyal customer base to attract a much wider audience. Very targeted advertising on these platforms also provided the “boost” the company needed to jump start their business and attract new clients. In just a short couple of months their social media audiences grew from non-existent into the thousands. The spiderweb effect of social media marketing and friend sharing has allowed Boost Hydration to experience a tumbleweed effect that now has them growing at a exponential rate.