City Service Paving

City Service Paving is a full-service engineeringSpringSEO Client Site | City Service Paving Website Preview contractor specializing in asphalt, concrete maintenance and repair. They offer a complete line of services to support maintenance and new construction needs. Established in 1974, City Service Paving has successfully completed over 4 million square feet of asphalt and concrete services throughout Southern California. City Service Paving foremen have over 95 years combined experience in all types of paving work. They specialize in parking lot, private road construction, street repair, HOA improvements and other public works projects. As paving and concrete contractors City Service Paving handle all construction needs, from paving, asphalt construction to asphalt repairs. They offer ADA upgrades, parking lot striping, new construction and maintenance for asphalt and concrete surfaces. City Service Paving provides service to every city in California, including Commercial, Residential and Industrial Properties.

City Service Paving has a long reputational history and had always generated new business through referrals and a handshake. As with all businesses, the modern world has caught up with this powerhouse firm. Not only were they losing out to potential new business because of their poor to non-existent online presence, they found themselves losing bids with established clients because competitors were able to show beautiful representations of completed works. SpringSEO was contracted to develop a new website that would effectively, meaningfully and visually showcase the services City Service Paving provides. This simple, but slickly designed website allows their salesmen to effectively go after business and very readily preview completed jobs.