Just In Shape Fitness

Just In Shape Fitness SpringSEO Client - Just In Shape Fitness Website Preview is the brain child of competitive body builder, Justin Carey. The company and website developed are his focus and efforts to tailor personalized fitness training for clients of all backgrounds. Justin works with elite body building competitors prepping them for competitions as well as the everyday man and woman who want to lose weight, look, feel and perform better. Through his years of experience and education, Justin developed a number of specialized training programs for every fitness level.

Now focus was needed on expanding his fitness brand and bring on a larger client base for his team to work with. Spring SEO developed a highly custom fitness website for the company to market and expand its reach across the web and particularly on social media. With unique member only sections that allow Justin and his trainers to effectively work with clients even when not in person, the Just In Shape Fitness brand experienced a greater increase of interest for their specialty services.